Monday, October 14, 2013

Bob Costas and the Redskins (Video)

Bob Costas seems to want to believe he has a duty to educate the Sunday Night Football audience on social and political issues.

Last December, Costas promoted gun control in an infamous lecture during halftime of the Eagles-Cowboys game.

He apparently sees himself as the nation's conscience, compelling him to admonish viewers with opinions in conflict with his own. Costas seems to want to be an agent of change. He must speak out against the great wrongs of our day and enlighten the rubes. He must convince them to believe what he believes.

On Sunday night, Costas preached to NFL fans again, this time telling them they should not accept the team name "Redskins." He suggested that doing so is wrong. It's an insult, a slur.

Costas admits that even a majority of Native Americans don't find the term offensive, but Costas knows best.

NewsBusters has a partial transcript here.

Of course, Costas is entitled to his opinion.

But should Costas use the platform of Sunday Night Football to subject viewers to an editorial during halftime, accusing them of being insensitive, calling them out for failing to "take a step back" to realize they're willing participants in slurring Native Americans and they're doing a bad thing?

Here's an idea: Save the lecture for another time.

The audience tuned in to watch a football game, not to be browbeaten by Costas.