Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Guy: The Death of Brian

On Sunday's episode of Family Guy, a major character was killed.

Brian Griffin, the family's dog, was hit by a car and died of his injuries.

I had the show on in the background as I tended to other things.

I saw that Brian was supposedly dead and Stewie didn't have his time machine to alter the accident. I was aware that the Griffin family got a new dog.

I wasn't paying attention for most of the episode and I didn't see the end at all.

So, later Sunday night, I was surprised to see reaction to the killing off of Brian by Family Guy creators.

I wasn't shocked by Brian's "death" because I assumed it wasn't real, meaning I didn't think the character was gone for good.

There have been deaths before on the show, like when Stewie killed Lois but he really didn't and when Peter killed Stewie but he really didn't.

Family Guy relies so heavily on time travel and bizarre twists.

I expect Brian to return, probably by May sweeps.