Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leno: Obama, ObamaCare Jokes, November 19, 2013

JAY LENO: In a TV interview, [Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's]the mayor's brother, Doug, said that everyone thinks that Mayor Ford is a conservative. They said, no, no, he's not. They say he's a social liberal who loves President Obama. Mayor Ford loves President Obama. What good luck that is, huh? The only politician supporting the president is the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto. Fantastic! What a stroke of luck!


Former President George Bush is on the show tonight. Very excited about that. As you know, he's nicknamed '43' because he was the 43rd president. President Obama's nicknamed "44" because that's how many people have signed up for ObamaCare.

Well, Vice President Joe Biden, God bless him, he said today, 'ObamaCare will eventually be a success, God willing.' Today, God said, 'Hey, keep me outta this. You're on your own on this one. I've done all I can do here.'

Well, a new poll shows a majority of Americans no longer believe President Obama is telling the truth. Today, FOX News closed their door and said, 'Mission accomplished. Thank you. We're done. We're outta here.'