Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leno: ObamaCare Jokes, November 18, 2013

JAY LENO: A Right-wing congressman from Texas - there's a shock - by the name of Louie Gohmert, I think that's his name, he announced that there is a hidden provision in ObamaCare that could create an armed secret security force. And he claims the White House masterminded this. You know, from what we've seen of this ObamaCare rollout, do these people look like they could mastermind anything? I mean, really? Really?

And the state of California has shut down ten fake ObamaCare websites that were signing up thousands of people. You know, instead of shutting these people down, put them in charge of the real website. They're signing up thousands of people! Hire them! Don't put them in jail.

Well, President Obama and his top aides met with insurance company CEOs at the White House on Friday. So you've got politicians meeting with insurance salesmen. You know, you throw in a couple of used car dealers, you have the trifecta of professional lying right there.