Monday, November 18, 2013

Midwest Sunday: Storms and Tornadoes

It was a terribly stormy Sunday.

From FOX6 News:

Severe weather raced through southeast Wisconsin late Sunday morning, November 17th. Those who were in the path of the storms were witness to torrential downpours, localized flooding, pea-sized to quarter-sized hail and the threat for tornadoes.

View photos of storm damage here.

Although there was damage in Wisconsin, there were no deaths.

Illinois was hit harder.

From FOX News:

Intense thunderstorms and tornadoes sweeping through the Midwest Sunday have caused significant damage in parts of central Illinois while an official says around 53 million people in 10 states are at risk of severe weather.

The central Illinois community of Washington appeared particularly hard-hit. A state official says emergency crews raced to the area amid reports that people were trapped in buildings.

“Literally, neighborhoods are completely wiped out,” Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), who said he was in Washington, told Fox News. “I’m looking at subdivisions of twenty to thirty homes and there’s not a home there.”

“The entire town of Washington is devastated,” he added.

Schock said the town has put out a call for physicians and nurses from surrounding areas to come to Washington to help after a tornado swept through the town midday.

“Many of these people thankfully took shelter in their basements but some of them didn’t and so there are some folks needing medical assistance and they have been finding them through the rubbish,” he told Fox News.

Firefighters are going house to house in Washington to look for people who may be trapped.
From the Associated Press:
At least five people were killed and 37 others were hurt as a series of tornadoes that battered Illinois Sunday.

Severe weather and tornadoes ravaged through much of central Illinois Sunday. According to the National Weather Service, at least 10 tornadoes touched down in Illinois.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency reported three fatality in the storms. One fatality was reported in Nashville, Ill. and another was reported in Washington, Ill., according to Patti Thompson with the IEMA.

The Washington County Coroner also reported two other fatalities. An 80-year-old man and his 78-year-old sister, who lived in a farm house near New Minden, Ill., were pronounced dead following the tornadoes, according to coroner Mark Styninger.

At least 24 patients in the emergency room at St. Francis Medical Center near Washington, Ill. were reported to be tornado-related, eight of them were trauma cases, according to Amy Paul, a spokeswoman for the hospital.

Paul also tweeted earlier the hospital was treating 37 tornado victims.
It's highly unusual to have a tornado warning in Wisconsin in mid-November.

Street flooding isn't typical when Thanksgiving is approaching.

As bad as the storms were here, they were so much worse in Illinois. Prayers for those killed and injured.


UPDATE: Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms kill at least 6 in Midwest