Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama, White House Not Internet Savvy

Good Lord!

This White House, this cool, Internet savvy president, and his administration are utter buffoons.

For God's sake, why is this STILL on the White House website?

If the White House can't or won't solve this extremely simple problem, are we supposed to trust them to manage the health care of a country of over 3 billion people?

Obama admitted Americans are losing their health care plans. He's apologizing for their nightmare, albeit in a very half-assed way, not taking responsibility, still acting as if his hands are clean.

Perhaps Team Obama decided to leave the lies on the WH site to continue the deceit, and keep those few remaining true believers happy.

To quote the "brilliant" Kathleen Sebelius, WHATEVER!

Bottom line: Obama is digging himself into a deeper hole. All his alleged coolness won't be enough to hoist him out of it. The cool is gone. The Obama myth is exposed to the masses.

Obama is a failure.

It's over.