Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oprah Winfrey: BBC Interview

Here's video of the Oprah Winfrey BBC interview:

God knows, America, this oppressive country, has blocked BILLIONAIRE Oprah Winfrey from doing what she wants, all because of the color of her skin color.


I am so sick of this racist crap being dragged out again and again.

It's ridiculous for Winfrey to be whining about racism when the woman is sitting on mountains of money.

She has power. That wouldn't be possible if our country was such a racist, horrible place.

Regarding her comments about Obama--

Where was Winfrey during George W. Bush's administration? Talk about a president being shown disrespect! The Leftists showed no respect for him or the office of the presidency. They were brutal.

I think it's very sleazy to conclude that disagreement with Obama is grounded in his skin color. That accusation is extremely offensive.

Do some Americans have a problem with Obama, son of a black father and white mother, being president because of his skin? I suspect that would be the case. But, overwhelmingly, most opposition to Obama has nothing to with his racial background. His ideas and his methods are the problem.

I don't want Hillary Clinton to be president. Does that make me, a woman, a misogynist? It's ridiculous.

There is no question that people exhibit prejudices based on race, sex, religion, ethnicity, etc.

People hate, always have and always will, for whatever reasons.

However, our country does not harbor institutionalized racism.

That's over.

Where else on the planet could Winfrey have become a BILLIONAIRE? Only in America.

I'm so tired of her dissing our country and our people.

I'm tired of her insults.