Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mayor Tom Barrett - Angioplasty

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was hospitalized for more than dehydration and exhaustion, as initially reported.

After spending Sunday night in the hospital for exhaustion, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Barrett would be in the hospital one more night.

Mayor Tom Barrett, who was overcome by exhaustion after finishing a 20-kilometer run at the Pettit National Ice Center on Sunday, will spend another night in the hospital.

Barrett underwent a series of tests on Monday at the Wheaton Franciscan Heart Hospital of Wisconsin, one day after paramedics took him from the Pettit Center to Froedtert Hospital.

Jeff Fleming, Barrett's spokesman, said "nothing alarming was found" in the tests. But he added that doctors recommended Barrett, who turned 60 on Sunday, spend another night at the hospital.

Fleming said the mayor spoke twice with his staff at City Hall on Monday. And the mayor continues to monitor city business from the hospital.

Barrett showed up at the Pettit Center hoping to run 60 minutes to mark his 60th birthday. When he arrived, he found that the Badgerland Striders were staging a planned 20-kilometer run on the track that runs around the ice surface.

Barrett joined in and finished the run with a time of 2:28:58, good for third place in his age group.

According to race director David Finch, Barrett finished, "got a little woozy and blacked out."

"He didn't take in enough fluids," Finch said. Finch said Barrett received medical attention immediately, was given something to drink and a gel pack. On the advice of paramedics, he was transported to Froedtert.
So, we learned that Barrett had actually blacked out.

According to Barrett's spokesman, Jeff Fleming, "nothing alarming was found" in the series of tests Barrett had.

Blacking out after running and then needing ANGIOPLASTY to unblock two blood vessels isn't "nothing." It's certainly more than exhaustion and dehydration.

From FOX6 News:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett underwent an angioplasty on Monday, December 9th to unblock two blood vessels.

Barrett was hospitalized on Sunday after taking part in a 20-kilometer run at the Pettit National Ice Center on his 60th birthday.

Barrett’s spokesman says the Mayor planned to run 60 minutes on his birthday, but it snowed. So the Barrett headed over to the Pettit Center to run. The Pettit Center was closed to the public for the Badgerland Striders 20K run — and Barrett decided to sign up.

The Mayor’s spokesperson says after the race, Barrett was feeling okay. However, after sitting down a few moments later, Barrett blacked out — prompting paramedics to be called. He was initially treated for exhaustion.

According to the Mayor’s spokesperson, Barrett was taken straight to the Wisconsin Heart Hospital. Doctors were running tests on Barrett when they discovered the blockage of two blood vessels in his heart. Barrett came through the procedure without any complications.
"Initially treated for exhaustion"?

Barrett's people stuck with the "exhaustion" story AFTER he had the angioplasty.

Why the misinformation?

That's weird.

I wish Barrett well. He's lucky that he didn't suffer a heart attack due to the blockage.

At least, we're being told he didn't have a heart attack.