Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Obama, 'Perfect Physical Specimen'

This is hilarious!

Piers Morgan compares the fat Chris Christie with Obama, "the perfect physical specimen!

PIERS MORGAN: After the perfect Barack Obama, who's a perfect physical specimen to many people's eyes, does it matter? Or, is actually somebody very different, someone who's much more of a regular kind of guy who likes cheeseburgers and beer, but appears to be a straight talker, somebody perhaps more of a straight talker than it appears Barack Obama turned out to be?


A "perfect physical specimen"?

Yeah, no. Not at all.

When I think "perfect physical specimen," Obama doesn't come to mind. True, he's a tad closer to "perfect" than Christie, but the guy isn't a "perfect physical specimen."

The Leftists are so funny. They are so invested in Obama Superstar that they say the most ridiculous things. They consider him to be physically and intellectually perfect.

We know Obama is not very smart, but his worshippers think he's our most brilliant president ever.

Beschloss makes a complete fool of himself! He declares Obama's IQ to be "off the charts" even though he has no idea what Obama's IQ is.

Very embarrassing.