Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paula Zellner and Mary Burke

Wealthy Democrat and Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke hired union thug Paula Zellner to work on her campaign.

Doesn't Zellner's past behavior matter to Burke and the Democrats?

There's a new standard: If an aide has anything in his or her past that is less than perfect, that person is toast.

Two tweets were enough to cause Governor Scott Walker to fire Taylor Palmisano as his campaign's deputy finance director. She made two disparaging remarks about Hispanics on Twitter and she's finished.

So what about Zellner? Will the new standard be applied fairly?

Zellner was ticketed for participating in a rally, picketing a private home.

From Dan Bice, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Former labor official Paula Zellner has gone from deriding the wealthy to working for a Madison millionaire.

The campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke confirmed Wednesday that it has hired Zellner to oversee grassroots organizing for the campaign.

Last year, the one-time labor organizer garned media attention after she was ticketed for illegally picketing during a rowdy Racine protest that police said left some attendees "visibly traumatized." The rally was aimed at satirizing rich Republicans.

...A former aide to then-U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, Zellner worked for by the Service Employees International Union Healthcare Wisconsin for nearly a year starting in May 2011.

In January 2012, she was one of 17 protesters demonstrating and mocking the wealthy donors at a fundraiser for Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester) at the home of conservative bigwig Fred Young just off Lake Michigan in Racine. Also in attendance at the event was U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan.

The protesters -- many arriving in a stretch limousine -- were clad in top hats and dresses, pretending to be the wealthiest 1%.

Eventually, things got a little rowdy, and five police squad cars were called to the scene. A witness described Zellner as "abrasive" and the main instigator.
Zellner's public behavior was deemed offensive and disruptive and inappropriate enough to be ticketed and fined.

Does Burke approve of Zellner's thuggish actions?

Burke obviously doesn't have a problem with Zellner's past.

That reflects very poorly on Burke.