Monday, December 9, 2013

Southeastern WI Snow, Massive Pileups, Injuries, Deaths (Video)

We've had snowstorms much, much worse than what hit on Sunday, but I don't remember there ever being such widespread, major traffic problems as yesterday.

The slew of serious accidents and massive, multi-vehicle wrecks on the freeways was unbelievable. There was a pileup, then another, and another. Sadly, there were injuries and fatalities. Roads were closed for hours. Really awful.

Video and reports, from FOX6 News:

One killed, at least 50 injured in wreck on I-94 at County K in Racine Co.

U.S. 41/45 SB reopens after massive multi-vehicle wreck Sunday

39-year-old West Allis woman killed in rollover crash on I-43 at Hwy. 100

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s officials say a 39-year-old West Allis woman was killed in a rollover crash on I-43 near Highway 100 on Sunday, December 8th.

The crash occurred around 10:40 a.m. Sunday.

Sheriff’s officials say the driver of the vehicle, Tammy Gawlitta, was ejected from the passenger side window and was trapped under the vehicle in a ditch.

Sheriff’s officials say two Good Samaritans lifted the vehicle off its side and pushed it upright. They attempted CPR on the victim, but were unable to revive her.

Greenfield Fire Department rescue units also attempted CPR.

A three-year-old passenger was in a car seat and suffered only a minor injury, but was taken to Children’s Hospital as a precaution.
Dodge Co. Sheriff’s officials respond to fatal crash in Town of Trenton
Dodge County Sheriff’s officials on Sunday, December 8th responded to a fatal crash involving a semi tractor trailer and a car.

It happened just before 1:30 p.m. on State Highway 68 between Buckhorn Road and County Highway F in the Town of Trenton.

Sheriff’s officials say one person was killed, and three others injured.

Officials say the semi started on fire following the crash.
Sometimes, conditions are so bad even the most cautious driving ends in a wreck or worse.

But, too often, people are not being cautious. They are driving too fast for the poor conditions. They don't have on their lights. They cut others off. In short, they're idiots and good people sharing the road with them fall victim to their terrible driving.

I don't buy this "first storm of the season" stuff, the "people forget how to drive in the snow."

NO, you don't. You don't forget that you need to slow down or leave a greater following distance when the roads are treacherous.

That's ridiculous. You do NOT forget.

I wasn't on the freeways yesterday, but I was on the road. People were driving recklessly, going way too fast, tailgating, being total jerks. Inexcusable.





UPDATE: DOT Video of 45/41 Pileup Near Lannon Road in Germantown