Monday, January 27, 2014

MPS: It's Cold - NO SCHOOL

This winter has been a nightmare. Snow and cold and wind and blowing and drifting, and more snow and cold and wind and blowing and drifting.

No relief is in sight.

Milwaukee Public Schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday - again. MPS shut down on January 6th and 7th because of the cold.

The month is ending with another four day weekend for MPS students.

From WISN:

Dr. Gregory E. Thornton, superintendent of schools, made the decision after consulting with local experts about the forecast and dangerous weather conditions.

Most MPS students were scheduled to be off on Monday, but students attending schools on the MPS year-round calendar and the IB calendar were scheduled to attend class on Monday. All classes for students and staff are now canceled with to the district-wide closure.

“The safety of our students and staff is our primary concern and we’re closing the district to keep our students and staff safe,” said Thornton. “We simply do not want our students and staff traveling in these extremely dangerous conditions.”

The regular schedule for ALL students resumes on Wednesday, January 29.
Milwaukee will be pretty much a no school zone for the next two days.

Students in Washington and Ozaukee counties will be braving the elements on Monday. School isn't cancelled for them. at least not yet.

It's not as if it will be colder in Milwaukee than north of the city. Go figure.