Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Steven Gove

What are the odds that in the span of six and a half years we would have two cases of intoxicated individuals driving around with a victim he hit lodged in his windshield?

First, in July 2007, there was the case of Steve Warrichaiet. He killed the man he struck.

On Saturday night, Steven Gove was also hit by an intoxicated driver. Thankfully, he survived.

Gove tells his story. Video here.

From the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

“God is good. He had his hands on me that day,” said Steven Gove of Manitowoc, the newspaper carrier who escaped serious injury after he was stuck in the windshield of a moving car that hit him on Saturday night.

“I’m just happy to be alive,” Gove said Monday as he recalled the bizarre hit-and-run crash at the intersection of Marshall and South 16th streets, four blocks east of Washington Park. Police arrested a 20-year-old Manitowoc man who allegedly was intoxicated when he hit Gove as he was riding his three-wheeled bike.

...“I was conscious for the whole time,” Gove said.

“Everything was in the car except for my knees and feet. I turned to him and said, ‘Hello, I’m the guy you hit on the bicycle,’” he said. “I had no idea at all why he wasn’t acknowledging me.”

The driver continued east on Marshall Street, ran a stop sign at South 14th Street, crashed into a vehicle and kept going, according to Manitowoc police.

Gove, 56, said he was planning to see his lawyer about the accident.

...He harbors no ill will against the driver, however, Gove said.

“I have no malice toward him,” he said. “I hope he can get his life straightened out. He’s a young man. He deserves a second chance.”

The driver finally noticed Gove after he stopped at his home in the 1100 block of South 13th Street.

“He looked at me and said ‘Who are you? What are you doing in the car?’” Gove said. “He started freaking out: ‘I’m going to jail, I’m going to jail.’”
Yeah, I think it would be a good idea for the driver to go to jail for a while, more than one night.