Monday, February 10, 2014

Costas - Pink Eye, Obama - Stoned Eyes

Bob Costas' interview with Obama at the beginning of NBC's prime time coverage was all about the eyes.

I was completely distracted by Costas' droopy, infected left eye.

I thought a patch would be preferable. At the very least, NBC could pixelate it. Russian TV "fixed" the Olympic ring glitch in the opening ceremony. Come on, NBC. "Fix" the Costas eye.

So Costas has an infection. It's unfortunate, but those things happen, especially with contaminated water and whatever else is contaminated in Sochi.

There's an explanation for Costas' appearance.

But what was with Obama's eyes?

That was my reaction. He looked stoned.

I've never seen his eyes like that before. Very strange. The interview itself was strange.

Must we see Obama when we're tuning in for sports?