Saturday, February 8, 2014

NBC and the Glory of the 'Pivotal Experiment' - Communism

NBC began its coverage of the Sochi Olympic Games on Thursday.

The biggest news from that night was Bob Costas and his eye infection.

I saw a little, but not much. Coverage before the opening ceremony? No thanks.

NBC's coverage began on Friday with a lenghty filmed introduction about Russia.

There was a statement in the narration, matched to the image of the hammer and sickle of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman monument, that really ticked us off.

I know NBC is stocked with Leftists, but this was ridiculous.

To me, the Communism adopted by the Russians was a horrifying period of stifling oppression and misery, resulting in the deaths of millions. NBC, however, summed it up as "the revolution that birthed one of modern history's pivotal experiments."

Both The Right Scoop and NewsBusters have the video.

Yeah, that "experiment" was one hell of a "pivotal" thing.

Don't you just love it when revolution turns out like that? What an experiment!

Good grief!