Monday, February 24, 2014

NYT Cartoon: Stab Climate Change Deniers to Death

This editorial cartoon in Sunday's New York Times is acceptable in terms of civility?

From Jack Coleman, NewsBusters:

The cartoon, alluding to this year's brutal winter, suggests U.S. Department of Commerce "Strategies for Dealing With the 2014 Icicle Surplus." Among them are using icicles as "locally sourced hydration devices," "temporary doorsteps," and "brainteasers for dogs." Then comes a suggestion that one immediately looks at again, in disgust and disbelief -- icicles can also be used as "self-destructing sabers for dispatching climate-change deniers."

As far as cartoonists at the New York Times are concerned, if you are skeptical about climate change, you should die. Preferably in a violent manner.

Good grief!

The Leftists are always whining about conservatives being so threatening and dangerous and downright evil.

The suggestion that climate change deniers should be stabbed with an icicle is sick.

If a cartoon in a conservative publication suggested that man-made climate change believers should be stabbed with icicles, there would be an immediate demand for all parties responsible to apologize profusely, and then be fired. Obama would probably comment that if he had a son, he would be stabbed with an icicle.

Of course, the horrible cartoon published in the New York Times is business as usual for Leftists. We're supposed to tolerate it.

I am so sick of that.