Thursday, February 6, 2014

Universal Allah and Salah Jones: Stolen Stradivarius

Here's video from FOX6 News:

Waiting for the news conference, scheduled to begin at noon....

Authorities say the rare multimillion dollar Stradivarius violin stolen last month in Wisconsin has been recovered.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett praised investigators at a news conference Thursday for their work in recovering the violin.
Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is speaking now.

Tom Barrett, standing behind Flynn, looks like he cracked the case himself. It's so rare to see him
look pleased. He's giddy. One of the suspects cut Barrett's hair? Joking around?

Yes, Universal Knowledge Allah cut Tom Barrett's hair.

Kind of strange.

Kind of a strange news conference.

Here's raw video:

Details, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The 300-year-old Stradivarius violin that was taken in an armed robbery last month has been found and will be returned to its owner later Thursday, authorities said at a news conference at the Milwaukee Police Department.

The three suspects — two men, ages 42 and 36, and a woman, 32 — were arrested Monday morning at their respective Milwaukee residences and remain in police custody.

Police Chief Edward Flynn said the violin was found in a suitcase in an attic of a residence, with the help of tips from citizens and information received from Taser International about the stun gun used in the robbery.

Police determined that suspect Universal Allah had bought the stun gun, and Salah Jones became the main suspect based on an independent tip. Jones has been linked to a prior art theft.

Milwaukee police have referred the case to the Milwaukee County district attorney's office. Charges are expected to be filed Friday, according to the district attorney's office.

Mayor Tom Barrett called it a "wonderful day" for all involved.

"It was a model of cooperation with the FBI working closely with the police department," Barrett said at the news conference.

The violin, crafted in 1715 and known as the Lipinski Strad after a former owner, was stolen from Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Frank Almond during an armed robbery Jan. 27. Almond had played the instrument during a performance at Wisconsin Lutheran College.
I wonder how long the violin was in the attic. With the frigid temperatures we've had, I can't imagine that being good for the instrument.

"Universal Knowledge Allah"?

Are these videos on YouTube from the same Universal Knowledge Allah?

Universal Knowledge Allah building with the God

Universal Knowledge Allah building on the Science!
There's also a Universal Knowledge Allah on LinkedIn.

Same guy.

From 58 News:

36-year-old Universal Allah, 41-year-old Salah Jones and an unnamed female were arrested by Milwaukee police on February 3rd. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office plans to have charges filed and a criminal complaint issued by February 7th.

Universal Allah and Salah Salahadyn (AKA Salah Jones)


Read the criminal complaint.

Remember last December when the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra was supposedly teetering on brink of disbanding? The MSO needed millions of dollars fast.

Read about that here.

If the owner of the Lipinski Stradivarius violin, an instrument valued at upwards of $5 MILLION, offers it to Frank Almond of the MSO to carry around to concerts at Wisconsin Lutheran College, wouldn't you think a benefactor would offer the cash to keep the symphony afloat?