Sunday, March 2, 2014

Awful Road Conditions - Milwaukee, Ozaukee County Accidents

At 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, the conditions on I-43 and I-94 were inexcusably bad.

Yes, snow was falling, so visibility wasn't good. But, the lack of salt on the roads was terrible. This must be what it's like when they get an inch of snow in Atlanta.

Even worse, after 8:00 PM, well after the snow was little more than flurries, the freeways were still as bad. Residential streets were horrendous.

Mayor Tom Barrett, bad job.

Did road crews take the weekend off? What the hell?


On I-43 north of the Marquette Interchange but before the Ozaukee County line, there were four separate accidents, including one with a truck on its side.

There's no question that too many people drive like idiots when conditions are poor. The accidents may have been directly tied to bad driving.

That said, the roads were not cleared well. They weren't treated properly with salt. Completely unacceptable.