Monday, March 10, 2014

Beau J. Stafford - DEMOCRAT

Is Beau J. Stafford, DEMOCRAT, fit to be employed by elected DEMOCRAT officials and serve as the executive director of the State Senate Democratic Committee?

Well, according to the standards DEMOCRATS apply to Republicans, the answer is definitely NO.

Nathan Schacht, Media Trackers, reveals that Beau Stafford has a past thick with charges of law-breaking and drugs. This isn't just some questionable or inappropriate social media posting or email. This is unquestionably really bad stuff.

A Democratic Party of Wisconsin staffer has a checkered past littered with numerous felony charges, including a felony burglary charge that he explicitly admitted to. Beau J. Stafford of Edgerton, who is also the former chief of staff for likely Democrat Lieutenant Governor candidate John Lehman, has a bumpy history of drug and other criminal arrests including felony possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, felony burglary of a public school and felony possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and an OWI charge.

Stafford is currently the executive director of the State Senate Democratic Committee and, according to his Facebook profile, has previously worked for Sen. Bob Jauch (D), and Rep. Fred Clark (D), and Rep. Andy Jorgensen (D). Stafford was paid $11,249.96 during November and December of 2013, according to campaign finance reports filed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

...According to court documents reviewed by Media Trackers, on September 28, 2001, Stafford and several others burglarized the chemistry lab at Milton High School in Milton, Wisconsin and stole chemicals and lab equipment. Stafford pled guilty to one count of felony burglary, which due to a plea deal was later reduced to three misdemeanors after successfully completing a three-year stint on probation.
Stealing lab equipment and chemicals? What do you think Stafford was going to do with that? Did he plan to do some chemistry experiment, a great mind desperate to delve into science? I doubt that was the reason.
In 2002, Stafford was busted for cocaine and marijuana possession. According to a City of Janesville police report obtained by Media Trackers, on April 4th, 2002 Stafford’s vehicle was stopped and searched. Stafford and another occupant were taken into custody.

The search of Stafford’s vehicle turned three separate packages of marijuana totaling 11.4 grams and five bags of cocaine totaling 24.9 grams. Police also recovered drug paraphernalia, including a scale and pipes. According to the police report, Stafford was less than cooperative during his arrest. At one point he challenged authorities for not yet reading him is Miranda rights complaining that, “his law teacher in high school told him that if he had hand cuffs on he had to have his rights read to him.”

A review of court records showed that Stafford and his attorney did not deny the presence of drugs in Stafford’s vehicle but instead argued Stafford’s 4th Amendment rights were violated because authorities allegedly had no probable cause to stop or search the vehicle.

In December of 2002 all drug charges were abruptly dismissed by the prosecutor – possibly because Stafford’s burglary case was ongoing or possibly due to the technicality objections of the 4th Amendment argument.
"[T]hree separate packages of marijuana totaling 11.4 grams and five bags of cocaine totaling 24.9 grams"?

"[D]rug paraphernalia, including a scale and pipes"?

Stafford got really lucky with this one.

Months later, in February 2003, Stafford was arrested for an OWI and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrest stemmed from a traffic accident – Stafford was the driver. Court records indicate that charges related to this case were dismissed on the same day that Stafford agreed to a plea deal on his school burglary case.
Good grief!

Republicans dump people for much, much less than this. Democrats demand that.

Why should someone like Stafford be allowed to keep his job?

We all have to play by the same rules.