Monday, March 3, 2014

Kim Novak Frozen

Is it surprising that people commented on Kim Novak's appearance on the Academy Awards broadcast?

No, not at all.

People make comments on Twitter during major televised events. That's the way things are now.

After Novak announced the winner for Best Animated Feature, Frozen, some people responded with remarks about her face.

What's interesting is that the news media consider comments like that on Twitter to be newsworthy.

For example:

Oscars 2014: Kim Novak's appearance sets off Twitter war

Kim Novak takes a beating on Twitter

Some made jokes about her. Some ridiculed Novak. Some came to her defense. Free speech. Opinions.

Fact: Kim Novak is 81 years old.

Fact: Novak had some procedure to alter the look of her face, like many other celebrities.

Opinion: Novak's face does not look natural.

Personally, I don't like faces that become immobile and unrecognizable due to attempts to combat aging. The procedures can produce freakish results. People much younger than Novak have done terrible things to their faces.

It's sad that some people apparently can't accept that they're old. When did being old become such a bad thing? What about inner beauty?

I feel sorry for such superficial people.

I certainly don't like the spectacle of an old woman being attacked, but I think Twitter is being taken way too seriously.

It's a weird, little universe.

Sometimes, I enjoy Twitter. Sometimes, it bugs me. When it does, I leave it. Simple.


On a related note, John Travolta was trashed on Twitter after his appearance, too.

News outlets didn't give Travolta the same attention given to Kim Novak.

Is Travolta an acceptable target?