Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mary Burke's First TV Ad (Video)

Democrat Mary Burke, candidate for governor of Wisconsin, released the first TV ad of her campaign.

It's a mess.

Scott Walker's campaign responded.

"Mary Burke’s first TV ad makes clear that her campaign will be based on outright fabrications and distortions of the truth – which is not surprising because of her dismal record as a key member of the Doyle administration that saw Wisconsin employment and business creation plummet while deficits skyrocketed.

Governor Walker's record is clear. Wisconsin's unemployment rate is the lowest its been since 2008, we've seen over 100,000 new jobs created since he took office, and our $3.6 billion deficit has been turned into a nearly billion dollar surplus. While Mary Burke has resorted to distorting the truth, the facts are clear that Wisconsin is moving forward under Governor Walker's leadership." - Alleigh Marre, Press Secretary

The facts:
  1. Since Scott Walker took office, unemployment has gone DOWN – (7.7% to 6.3%) (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  2. In the last quarter century, the only time Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was higher than the national rate was when Mary Burke led the state’s job creation agency. (
  3. Gallup puts Wisconsin in the top 10 in their 2014 job creation index. (
  4. And 95% of Wisconsin job creators now believe Wisconsin is on the right track. (