Saturday, March 22, 2014

Michelle Obama and Family in China: The High Life

The extravagance of the Obamas never ceases to amaze me.

How can they think it's acceptable for them to be flaunting their status, living a life of luxury and excess?

I suppose they think it's acceptable because no one they care about will dare to condemn them. They have control of the mainsteam news media and mainstream entertainment. No one in their Leftist circle will criticize them. Queen Michelle and Princesses Malia and Sasha deserve to be treated like royalty. No problem.

And their subjects, their worshippers, are satisfied as long as they get free birth control and Obama phones and food stamps.

While I object to the limits being put on the press, I'm glad we aren't getting a constant update on the Obama China trip. I really don't want to be reminded of their vacations or cultural exchanges or whatever the hell you want to call them. I don't want to see the Obamas feasting on my tax dollars.

Spread the wealth around?

What a joke!

From AFP:

The question of the trip's cost has drawn attention on both sides of the Pacific.

Chinese social network users widely circulated a China National Radio report on the lavish 52,000-yuan-a-night ($8,400) hotel suite where it said the Obama family were staying.

According to the hotel website, the suite is 320 square metres (3440 square feet) and includes a kitchen, bar, sauna, jacuzzi, dining table for six and a treadmill.

We're paying for that!

Check this out:

Obama told Peng that it was "truly an honour and a privilege" to visit China with her family.

"It's very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it's even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations -- with my daughters, and with my mother," Obama said.
Michelle says it's RARE for her to travel outside of the U.S.?

Apparently, she doesn't understand the meaning of the word "rare."