Monday, March 24, 2014

Obama and Jimmy Carter

Obama has done what seemed impossible. He has managed to solidify his place in history as a worse president than Jimmy Carter.

That's an incredible achievement.

I wonder what a Carter second term would have meant for the country and the world. Thank God, it didn't happen.

Ronald Reagan was critical in setting the stage to make the U.S. victorious in the Cold War. The Berlin Wall crumbling and the Soviet Union toppling were unimaginable under Carter's watch.

Reagan's "peace through strength" approach resulted in freedom for millions suffering under the oppression of the Soviet Union.

History has taught us we need a strong leader now, not a "lead from behind" guy.

Mitt Romney is right about where Obama has taken the country. "Our esteem around the world has fallen."

I think Obama is totally comfortable with that. I don't think he minds at all.