Thursday, March 13, 2014

Onalaska Blows Up Creek

Onalaska took extreme measures to avoid flooding as the snow and ice melt and spring rains arrive in the area. The plan: Use dynamite to blow up the creek.

From 620 WTMJ:

"Over the course of the winter, water ran down and froze, and ran and froze, and it ended up in the creek bed itself and there was about five to six feet of ice, solid ice," said Town Board Chairman Rolly Bogert.

Town leaders were concerned because if it rained, the water would flood nearby homes. They tried using small and large equipment to break up the ice, but nothing worked.

"So we made the decision to get permission from the DNR and use dynamite to dislodge the ice in the creek and then use a mini excavator to remove it, so the creek was open to runoff," Boget said.

The plan was a success.
I like that the town leaders took action.

When there's a problem, solve it.