Sunday, March 9, 2014

SNL: Planned Parenthood Propaganda (Video)

I had no doubt that Lena Dunham's stint as host of Saturday Night Live would include some Leftist propaganda. Still, I didn't expect it to be this blatant.

The point of a "jewelry party" skit, featuring a Planned Parenthood activist, a Latina, and her evil boyfriend:

Planned Parenthood = Good

Man's group responsible for closing down two Planned Parenthood abortion mills = Bad

Here's video:

LENA DUNHAM: Marisol, do you know what Planned Parenthood is?

CECILY STRONG: Yes! What is it?

DUNHAM: It's a place where women can go for low... [Flubs line, starts over] It is - I am so upset right now - It's a place where women can go for low-cost medical advice and care.

STRONG: What? To help women? That's a good place!

MIKE O'BRIEN: What if I bought everyone here one of these necklaces? Uh, does that make us bueno?


STRONG: My boyfriend, Bruce, is not the best guy.

DUNHAM: Yes, I think that's becoming apparent.
This Leftist propaganda skit wasn't funny. Too often, SNL isn't funny. It's painful to watch.