Friday, April 4, 2014

David Letterman Retiring

For years, David Letterman was part of my nightly TV viewing.

I watched Late Night With David Letterman. Then, when Letterman moved to CBS, I watched Late Show With David Letterman.

Around the turn of the century, I grew tired of Letterman's shtick. I tuned in less and less often. When Letterman booked a guest I wanted to see, I would watch.

Eventually, I was done with Letterman.

His retirement in 2015 won't affect me. Still, it will be the end of the Letterman late night era, one that spanned over 30 years. I was there at the beginning and for a long time after, so news of his retirement does stir memories.

Here's Letterman's announcement:

I really don't like the year-long goodbye.

In Jay Leno's case, both times, NBC pushed him out. The network made the announcement that Leno was being replaced. Leno didn't choose to announce he was leaving his show, like Letterman. Leno was fired. He didn't determine the timetable of how his departure would go. With Late Show, Letterman is calling the shots.

I suppose Letterman is giving the over 52 weeks notice to boost his ratings. There's nothing wrong that. It's show business.

Now, the speculation begins.

Who will replace Letterman?

Late night TV is exhausting.