Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling and the NAACP

This is what I know about Donald Sterling--

He's a billionaire.

He owns the LA Clippers.

He was recorded making horrible, racist remarks.

I don't care about the NBA. I don't care about my home team, the Milwaukee Bucks. I certainly don't care about the Clippers. Accordingly, I certainly don't care about their billionaire owner.

For days, the media have been drooling over the Sterling story. Supposedly, the nation is gripped by the drama.

Of course, I'm troubled when I learn of such ugliness as the Sterling matter. It's concerning, generally speaking. But I really don't care about it.

I don't care what the NBA does. I just don't care. Sterling is an idiot. That's well-documented.

The fact that Sterling is a known racist buffoon makes me wonder why no one addressed that sooner.

Why did the NAACP give Sterling a lifetime achievement award in 2009? Why was the NAACP going to honor him again next month?

From TMZ Sports:

The NAACP tells TMZ Sports ... the organization is revising its guidelines for selecting honorees in light of the Donald Sterling situation ... saying the fact he was set to receive an NAACP award next month is "unfortunate."

As we previously reported, Sterling -- who was sued TWICE for discrimination and has faced allegations of racism in the past -- was set to be honored on May 15th by the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Now, a spokesperson for the national office tells TMZ Sports, "We are working on a new set of guidelines so there's greater scrutiny on who's selected for these awards."

"We need to have a better vetting process."

The rep tells us ... the national office is talking to the L.A. branch to find out exactly how Sterling even got on a list to be honored by the organization ... saying, "It was an unfortunate selection."

Still, it seems unfathomable that the national office would know nothing about the L.A. chapter's plans to honor such a controversial person ... especially given Sterling's reputation.
Yes, it's unfathomable.

The NAACP is a joke. It's sad, but it is what it is.

USA Today reports that the NAACP was set to honor Sterling again because he donated to the organization.

Money, money, money... whatever.

I am so sick of this story.

Sterling is a racist. That was known. All of sudden, it matters. Even Obama had to weigh in.

We're all supposed to be upset about Sterling. We're all supposed to care about the Clippers and the NBA. We're supposed to consider Sterling's racism the most important issue facing the country right now.

I don't think what Sterling said or did or says or does is important at all.

Are we supposed to be concerned about Obama and like-minded Leftists preventing children from getting a quality education via school choice programs? Does that deserve our outrage?