Tuesday, April 8, 2014

PETA: Jeffrey Dahmer's Home, Vegan Restaurant

Jeffrey Dahmer's home should be turned into a vegan restaurant.

Sick joke?

No. This is what PETA wants.

From CNSNews:

Animal rights activist group PETA( "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals") is interested in buying serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's Akron, OH home and turning it into a vegan restaurant. The house is where Dahmer mutilated and killed his first victim. For over a decade, Dahmer killed 16 more people, eating some, before he was caught.

The house's bloody past is actually a good marketing tool, according to PETA President Igrid E. Newkirk, who wrote about PETA's strategy in a letter to the real estate agency who placed the house up for sale:
"We are always looking for ways to draw attention to the violence inherent in the production of meat, eggs, and milk...Dahmer's old house gives us a way to evoke sympathy for these victims and to suggest that a life-affirming diet can change everything."
...PETA's website went even further in their ludicrous analogy:
"Like Dahmer's human victims, cows, pigs, and chickens are made of flesh and blood and fear for their lives when confronted by a man with a knife. They are also drugged and dragged, and their limbs are bound. Their struggles and screams are ignored as they are killed and cut up to be consumed. Their bones are thrown away like garbage."

The difference is that when Dahmer was caught, his killing spree ended. Today, however, more than 30 billion animals are slaughtered in the U.S. every year in similarly gruesome ways for food."
It's outrageous to compare the production of meat, eggs, and milk to the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer.

This stunt only serves to further marginalize PETA and like-minded people, exposing them as nuts.

PETA is exploiting Dahmer's victims. That's a cruel thing to do.