Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scott Walker: TIME's Most Influential People of 2014

Scott Walker, our governor, has made his mark according to TIME magazine.

Today, TIME revealed the "100 Most Influential People in the World." And Scott Walker was among them, in the "LEADERS" category.

Chris Christie writes:

The heartland's Republican hopeful

Leadership takes many forms in public office. One of the most difficult challenges is standing up for what you believe in when faced with relentless public attacks. Scott Walker faced that test and passed it with flying colors.

His battle to bring fairness to the taxpayers through commonsense reform of the public-sector collective-bargaining laws brought him scorn from the special interests and a recall election. Despite these threats, he stood tall. His reforms have brought tax reductions to his citizens and economic growth to his state. They have allowed public
workers the freedom to choose whether to belong to a union. They have made Wisconsin a better place to live and work.

His reward? A resounding “re-election” in 2012 after the failed recall, prosperity for his state and the satisfaction of knowing that the public does recognize and appreciate an officeholder with the courage of his convictions. Governor Scott Walker is one of those leaders.
Poor Mary Burke.