Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tom Barrett: Third Time's the Charm?

Within four days, Tom Barrett's campaign has sent the same fundraising email to supporters three times.

Apparently, it's working; or it's not and Team Barrett thinks it should be.

The email attacks Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke.

Here's the third release, this one sent by Johannah Karstedt,

Subject line: "fwd: ready"


The threat is real. If you missed last week's email from Tom, please take a moment and read it today.

One of Milwaukee's most controversial far right politicians, has set his sights on this race and Mayor Barrett next year. He's even pledging to spend over a quarter of a million dollars to challenge Tom.

Please take a moment, read Tom's note and if you can click here and help us fight back!


Johannah Karstedt
Finance Director
Friends of Tom Barrett

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tom Barrett
Date: Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 10:03 AM
Subject: ready
To: Johannah Karstedt

Dear Friend,

I wake up every day and work hard to keep Milwaukee moving forward, but apparently there are politicians around town who have too much time on their hands.

This week, one of Milwaukee’s most controversial politicians and darling of the far right, David Clarke, ramped up talk about running against me for Mayor and started his attacks.

Sheriff Clarke has some interesting ideas when it comes to how he does his job and how he would address Milwaukee’s challenges.

For example, he once advocated that Milwaukee County citizens arm rather than rely on law enforcement--and he's the County Sheriff. And then went a step further and touted this dangerous message nationally.

Clarke claims to have balanced every budget put in front of him. But his office is projected to run a $4.6 million deficit this year, and his solution--threaten to sue the county so he can spend more.

And speaking of spending, he has already stated that he is prepared to spend over $350,000 to challenge me.

When he comes after me, I’ll be ready. But I’d love to have your help. Help me build a Rapid Response Fund to help fend off the inevitable political attacks by making a contribution of $25 or whatever you can do today.

We're turning things around here in Milwaukee with more people than ever, especially young talent, moving into the city. We've set major development projects in motion, making our neighborhoods safer and our city more vibrant. And our partnerships with local businesses and organizations continue to foster innovation and grow our workforce.

And I’m not done. I will keep fighting for Milwaukee, but I’m going to need your help fending off the political attacks that are headed my way. Please make a contribution to my Rapid Response Fund today.


I think it's time for some new material from Barrett.

And, it's time for a new mayor.