Friday, May 30, 2014

Bush v. Obama: Today Show Segments on Afghanistan Trips

Yes, we know NBC serves as the media arm of the Obama administration; but a recent instance of the Leftists' mission to prop up Obama is worth noting.

NBC's bias is so, so stark in this comparison of NBC's coverage of a Memorial Day visit President Bush made to Afghanistan in 2006, and the trip Obama made last Monday.

From The Foundry:

The “Today” show featured segments on both President George W. Bush’s 2006 and President Barack Obama’s 2014 Memorial Day Afghanistan trips, but their coverage selection was very different.

Following Bush’s “surprise” Afghanistan trip in March 2006, then-hosts of “Today” Kelly O’Donnell, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer framed the visit as a publicity stunt.

“The president’s travels come at a time when his popularity at home has itself gone south,” O’Donnell said, pulling numbers from his low job approval rating at the time.

After Obama’s visit to Afghanistan this Memorial Day, “Today” failed to mention his current lower-than-Bush approval ratings and the multiple scandals surrounding his administration.

The segment began with praise for his “whirlwind 4-hour visit to Afghanistan” where he made sure to thank those still serving in Afghanistan, and how he was “continuing to navigate the mounting scandal over the V.A.”

There was no mention of Benghazi, the IRS or Obamacare, among other issues.
Here's video:

This is ridiculous.

These people aren't journalists. They're propagandists.

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