Friday, May 16, 2014

Mark Levin: Christian Girls Kidnapped by Islamo-Nazis

Here's the truth:

This is "must-listen" radio.

Audio from Mark Levin's program, May 15, 2014, via The Right Scoop.

MARK LEVIN: All this hashtagging the other week, for these beautiful little African Christian girls. Who kidnapped them? Were they Buddhists? Were they Hindus? Were they Christians? Were they Jews? Were they atheists? Were they...? NO! The Islamo-Nazis--that's who did it. And when are we going to talk honestly about this? What? Am I going to be yanked off the air?

How many more people are going to be murdered, tortured, raped, slaughtered? How many more little girls are going to be kidnapped and sold into slavery? What the hell is this? We're a modern society. Are we going to surrender to these 17th century barbarians?

They hit us in Manhattan, right in the middle of our busiest city, our biggest city. They tried to hit us in Washington. They hit our Pentagon, for God's sakes.

We have people who went on a flight. I don't even know where they were going. They hear about the twin towers in Manhattan. They hear about what happened at the Pentagon. And they say, 'It isn't gonna happen on this plane.' And what do they do? They know they're going to risk their lives. Men and women, Americans, a whole rainbow coalition--all religions, both sexes, gay, straight, Republican, Democrat, whatever it was, they didn't care. They were going to try and, try and commandeer that plane from the Islamo-Nazi terrorists. And they did. And they went down with the ship.

So true.

Very moving.

The Islamists continue their war on the civilized world, and the best Obama can muster in response is hashtag crap.

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