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Mike Dawson, Cyberbully

On September 12, 2013, I stopped allowing comments on this website.


Mike Dawson.

Mike Dawson is a proud Leftist, a proud Democrat, a proud Obama supporter, and a proud cyberbully.

Some background:

Mike Dawson first commented on my blog in 2010. When his comments became little more than hateful personal attacks on me and other contributors on my site, I stopped publishing his comments.

That, however, didn't stop Mike Dawson from sending his harassment my way on a daily basis.

He harassed and mocked and bullied me for YEARS. Even though I wouldn't publish his comments, he persisted.

I literally have THOUSANDS of blog comments and emails from the man. It is truly stunning that anyone would devote so much time and effort to be so personally degrading and cruel to another individual, a person he doesn't know.

What I found especially odd was that Mike Dawson often used his business email address as the means to carry out his ugly, ugly hobby of harassing me. Yes, he clearly identified himself.

[CORRECTION: Mike Dawson used his business email for all of his abusive behavior.]

That was really strange.

I decided my best course of action in response to Mike Dawson's bizarre behavior was to ignore him, acting as if he didn't exist.

Usually, that will disarm a bully. The bully moves on when his cruelty becomes ineffective and he gets no response.

That didn't happen with Mike Dawson. This man was positively relentless. It was frightening. No happy, healthy, stable person would behave this way.

After YEARS of this bullying treatment, with no end in sight, I decided to stop allowing comments on my blog altogether. Yes, I was handing Mike Dawson a victory, but I just wanted the harassment to stop. He had hijacked my website through a relentless process of intimidation. Remember, this harassment lasted for YEARS, day in and day out.

So, Mike Dawson's cyberbullying behavior proved sort of successful, but I didn't care. I just didn't want to deal with his creepy brand of cruelty anymore.

Here's a taste of how Mike Dawson reacted when I turned off all comments to my posts. He sent the following almost two months after I stopped accepting comments. Note that I have to disallow comments manually for each post. This day in November 2013, I forgot to take that step in my publishing process. The result? An immediate submission from Mike Dawson.

Mikes superior notes dated 110113 has left a new comment on your post "Talk Like a Pirate Day":

11/01/13: LOL. It's been since this silly post....mid-September since you've included a "comment button" in your so-called racist "blog". What a jerk you are! No wonder your freaking dinky-ass "home mortgage" is underwater. You're a flaming idiot. Virtually no one reads your blog - and the few of us who do, tee-off on your silly comments on a regular basis. You just don't have the balls to publish the feedback you get 'cuz you know that it just adds fuel to the disagreement the public obviously has with you. You're a spineless evil witch/pig/prick.

LOL. Not to mention: a loser.

Posted by Mikes superior notes dated 110113 to FREEDOM EDEN at 3:39 PM, November 01, 2013
Horrible, isn't it?

Since 2005, I've written online about political issues at this website, giving my opinions. I'm sure anyone involved in that sort of activity has had their share of hate mail, including some very creepy threats. Mike Dawson, however, took that ugliness to a new level. He didn't even take holidays off.

For example, I couldn't imagine getting up on Christmas morning and writing hate mail. Mike Dawson did it. Think about that!

It really creeps me out.

For the eight months I disallowed the submission of any comments to my blog, Mike Dawson would email me daily. Truly unbelievable. I'm not a public figure with a massive audience. Why bother harassing me to such an incredible degree?

So, so creepy.

A little over a week ago, a reader of this blog contacted me via email, asking why I didn't open up this forum to comments anymore.

I decided it was time to take back my blog.

As soon as I opened up comments again, Mike Dawson pounced. In addition to his daily email, he submitted two comments via the blog. Yes, he was ugly. I've received worse from him, but he did get ugly.

This time, I published them.
Mikes 1st of 2 comments said... 
Can not tell if "anonymous" is agreeing with you or disagreeing with you. (Not to mention, publishing anonymous feedback violates your own "comment policy".)

There is no scandal here - other than the shame that radical racist right-wing nuts are heaping onto themselves.

1:03 PM, May 03, 2014
Note Mike Dawson takes the time to leave a bullying message, creating a link with his name. "Mikes 1st of 2 comments" goes to ""

With this next comment, Mike Dawson links to ""

This is a "fun" little twist he enjoys while persuing his demented hobby of harrassing me.

I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these as well.

#2 (Mike) said...

"I consider the Benghazi lies and the cover-up to be among the worst of Obama's sins as president."
Keep pounding that drum....I hope they do at Fox, too. Because it makes you (and Fox, and the rabid racist red-meat conservative GOP) sound like the fools you are. There is nothing new in the "new" emails released to satisfy the FOIA request. The Senate investigated Benghazi and agreed, essentially, with the administration. You guys are wasting time on Benghazi because you have nothing positive to contribute to society and Americans are figuring that out. Which is why you're a loser.

No one wants to have much of anything to do with you. And after nearly a year of avoiding "feedback" from readers, now you're opening the flood gates. Trouble is, I am just about the only one still reading your crap. Even your co-workers avoid you. Your family wants nothing to do with you which is why you probably added the "comment" button back to your so-called "blog" that you'd get someone to respond to you. The kids hate you - your spouse threatened to leave you, and likely your neighbors wish you'd move to one of the southern racist-filled states like Oklahoma or Mississippi. Good question. Why don't you?

1:06 PM, May 03, 2014
"The kids hate you - your spouse threatened to leave you, and likely your neighbors wish you'd move to one of the southern racist-filled states like Oklahoma or Mississippi."

What a way to start my Saturday!

This is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. I have a virtual warehouse of this stuff.

Mike Dawson's behavior is really shocking. And sad.

His devotion to cyberbullying me is extremely disturbing.

He doesn't regret any of it. He says I don't deserve an apology.

I believe I do.

But no matter, because it's over now. The cyberbullying by Mike Dawson is over.

I decided to write this post when Mike Dawson said he would not apologize for his YEARS of using the Internet and email to systematically and relentlessly harass and abuse me.

I'm exposing the truth about Mike Dawson, cyberbully.

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