Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tommy Vietor and Benghazi: 'Dude'

Tommy Vietor's exchange with Bret Baier perfectly embodies the Obama adminstration's disgraceful bent.

Four Americans were killed in Benghazi during a terrorist attack on our country.

No big deal, dude.

What mattered to Team Obama was getting talking points out that would protect Obama from political damage before the election.

I consider the Benghazi lies and the cover-up to be among the worst of Obama's sins as president.

"Dude, this was like two years ago."

Oh, my God, this guy!

I can't stand watching that video. "Dude"?

Why hasn't Obama commented on the Benghazi email revelations?

Dude, I want to hear the president address this matter, like, now.


Anonymous said...

what a disgrace to our nation by all these scandal's. which all are turning out to be fact of happening, first emails between Cummings and lerner. now emails about Benghazi. but really wouldn't you agree only someone with a very low i.q. would have bought all the bull. like hearing while watching the news or just read it in the newspaper.thats nuts

Mikes 1st of 2 comments said...

Can not tell if "anonymous" is agreeing with you or disagreeing with you. (Not to mention, publishing anonymous feedback violates your own "comment policy".)

There is no scandal here - other than the shame that radical racist right-wing nuts are heaping onto themselves.

#2 (Mike) said...

"I consider the Benghazi lies and the cover-up to be among the worst of Obama's sins as president."
Keep pounding that drum....I hope they do at Fox, too. Because it makes you (and Fox, and the rabid racist red-meat conservative GOP) sound like the fools you are. There is nothing new in the "new" emails released to satisfy the FOIA request. The Senate investigated Benghazi and agreed, essentially, with the administration. You guys are wasting time on Benghazi because you have nothing positive to contribute to society and Americans are figuring that out. Which is why you're a loser.

No one wants to have much of anything to do with you. And after nearly a year of avoiding "feedback" from readers, now you're opening the flood gates. Trouble is, I am just about the only one still reading your crap. Even your co-workers avoid you. Your family wants nothing to do with you which is why you probably added the "comment" button back to your so-called "blog" that you'd get someone to respond to you. The kids hate you - your spouse threatened to leave you, and likely your neighbors wish you'd move to one of the southern racist-filled states like Oklahoma or Mississippi. Good question. Why don't you?

Mary said...

Does this answer your question, Jim Spice?

Mary said...

Do you want more details on this stalker, Mike Dawson?

Perhaps I should do a post detailing the years of harassment and cyber-bullying, or maybe I could do a daily posting of one of his vile comments or emails. I have hundreds, literally.

I've saved all emails and comments from Mike Dawson - EVERYTHING. I can document YEARS of harassment. It is truly stunning what this man has done, especially given he didn't do it anonymously.

I think it might be time to post online and let everyone know what Mike Dawson has been doing for YEARS.

Hey, Mike!

Do you want me to publish your daily emails and comments?

I could let everyone in on your harassment "hobby."

It would take YEARS if I published one each day. Talk about opening the floodgates!

Should I start a new website - the Mike Dawson Daily?

An apology from Mike Dawson is in order, though I can't imagine what sort of apology would be adequate to compensate for the years of hate and harassment.

Mary said...

What's this?

No communication from Mike Dawson today?

How unusual!

Mary said...

Really strange.

Mike Dawson sends his hate my way like clockwork.

He dooesn't take holidays off.

Do you want to read his Easter 2014 email?

Mike Dawson wrote:

"You spend 363 days of the year crucifying our President - ridiculing him with your racist hate and venom...then spend 2 days a year being all pious, and virtuous. You're a hypocrite. You are evil."

Isn't that special? What a guy.

Do you want to read his 2012 Easter greeting to me?

Maybe later.

Mary said...

Mike Dawson has spent time on my blog today, visiting at least twice.


No comments.

No emails.

Has he decided not to provide additional content for the proposed website, The Mike Dawson Daily?

No matter. I have plenty.

Mary said...

Cyberbully Mike Dawson update:

Mike Dawson has been on this website, clicking on multiple pages, repeatedly yesterday, May 5, 2014, and at least once today, May 6, 2014.

Still no comments or emails since Saturday, May 3, 2014, breaking his years-long streak of harassment.

Also, no apology.

That's a problem.

It's interesting. I raise the possibility of methodically releasing his YEARS of harassment and he stops.

Why? Why would he stop so suddenly after YEARS of this behavior?

Remember, he did not harass and mock and bully me anonymously. That's important. He didn't make his identity a secret.

If Mike Dawson regrets what he did to me, he should apologize at least as profusely as he harassed me.

I can only assume by his silence that he doesn't regret the YEARS of bullying and he is proud of what he did to me.

I will assume that he wants me to publish his vile emails and comments.

This harassment is over. Comments are open. I won't allow Mike Dawson to hijack this website.

Time for Mike Dawson to apologize. Daily. FOR YEARS.

No. Actually, a simple "I'm sorry" will suffice.

I don't know why I'm bothering to cut cyberbully Mike Dawson so much slack.

Actions have consequences.

Mary said...

Mike Dawson has been on this website 5 separate times today.

Mary said...

On the bright side, still no cyberbullying from Mike Dawson since Saturday.

However, still no apology from the "prolific" Mike Dawson.

Mary said...

No apology.



Mary said...

Hi, Mike Dawson.

You've been here but STILL no comments or emails.

Are you experiencing withdrawal?

You've had plenty of time to apologize but you've declined.

I accept your refusal and I will respond accordingly.

Mary said...

Does Mike Dawson think clicking on the cached version of a page does not leave a trail?

Mary said...

I think Mike Dawson's behavior is very strange. A happy, healthy, stable person wouldn't bully and harass someone for YEARS. I admit the guy creeps me out.

Mike said...

Nothing to "apologize" for. You publish stuff and I respond with comments on that which interests me via the comment button (when available) or the email address you provide. What normal people think is creepy is when someone who knowingly publishes information that is wrong or inaccurate. During the past week you've nicely displayed to your readers who the bully is. Going forward I doubt I'll be visiting your blog as frequently - there really is no point. Since you fervently track readership at your site you know better than anyone how low your readership actually is - given the lack of feedback, I 'd say you're effectively driven most folks away.

Be well.

Mary said...

And cyberbully Mike Dawson returns...

I'm the bully?

That's hilarious.

"Be well."

That is unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE.

Kind of too little, YEARS too late.