Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dennis Miller and Seth Meyers

I've watched Late Night on NBC forever - Letterman, O'Brien, and Fallon.

I've stopped watching on a regular basis. I now only watch when I'm interested in a guest.

Tonight, I'm tuning in to see Dennis Miller.

I can't watch the monologue. I tried, but I can't. It's too Leftist, too annoying.

Like Jimmy Fallon, Meyers didn't mention the Bowe Bergdahl story.

Meyers did no Obama jokes. Zero.

What is that?

No jokes about the president?

NBC's late night programming has taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

One thing that really bugs me is the way guests are booked on Fallon's show and then the very next night, they appear with Meyers.

That happened with Lewis Black, Maya Rudolph, and Hugh Jackman, to name just a few. Not good.

It was great to see Dennis Miller. He's funny and witty and entertaining.

I'd like to see him replace Craig Ferguson. That, of course, won't happen.

Late night TV talk shows have been a habit for me for so long.

Now, I find QVC more entertaining. I wonder what Today's Special Value is?

Hey! It's the Genius 10-piece 6 Cup Mix Slice and Chop Set!


Roland Melnick said...

NBC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Obama For America. Also, there is no distinction between NBC & MSNBC anymore either.

Mary said...

I agree completely.