Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Elizabeth Warren: Hobby Lobby, Women's RIGHT to Contraception (Video)

Elizabeth Warren, daughter of a woman with high cheekbones, says that "Republicans are on the attack, once again trying to put women's fundamental rights on the chopping block."

She and her Leftist colleagues are standing up to "fight back." They are sponsoring "new legislation to reverse the Supreme Court's shocking decision in Hobby Lobby, where the Court gave corporations the power to deny their employees access to birth control."

Here's video:

REPUBLICANS are on the attack, putting "women's fundamental rights on the chopping block"?

Theoretically, certainly, the Supreme Court isn't an arm of any political party. The Court's decisions are not REPUBLICAN decrees.

Warren is crazy.

Corporations cannot deny their employees access to birth control.

Are corporatipons preventing their employees from going to CVS or Walgreens or Walmart or Target or supermarkets and purchassing birth control?

Of course not.

That's a flat-out lie.

Warren is spreading disinformation.

She's a liar.

We know she likes to tell stories.

And she wants to be president.

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