Monday, July 28, 2014

Milwaukee: Hopeless

Milwaukee is being swallowed up by thugs.

On Saturday, another child, four-year-old Zariyah Peet, was caught in the crossfire.

From FOX6 News:

Another case of gun violence…in which a child becomes the innocent victim. Police say a four-year-old was grazed by a bullet in a shooting that happened near N. 24th Place and Capitol Drive just before 9:30 p.m. Saturday, July 26th.

“All the sudden: ‘Pop!’ I thought it was a firecracker,” the victim’s grandfather, John Peet said.

The victim’s grandfather, John Peet says everyone was sitting on the porch on Saturday night, when out of nowhere…

“I seen three guys running down the street,” Peet said.

The suspects allegedly fired four shots. Police say the family was not the intended target of the gunfire — but they were the ones who ended up dodging bullets.

...One of the bullets hit a pillar on the porch. Fragments broke off and struck four-year-old Zariyah Peet.

Fragments also grazed her grandmother’s head.

...Police say they believe the four-year-old’s wound was the result of either a bullet fragment or fragments of a concrete pillar that was struck.

The four-year-old’s wound was very minor and did not require treatment other than a bandage.
It's not safe for a family to sit on their porch on a summer night. That's the reality.

Thank God no one was seriously wounded or killed in the incident.

It's frightening to think how close the family came to being on the long list of Milwaukee's violent crime victims.

Milwaukee is truly being swallowed up by thugs.

Apparently, Mayor Tom Barrett's "I'm outraged," the same tired line he's been uttering for years, isn't stopping the violence.

What a shocker!

The problem is not guns, Mayor Barrett. The problem is bad people.

The fact is a city dies when more and more of the good people leave.

Milwaukee has been dying for decades, but the pace of its decline is accelerating rapidly.

It won't be long before the few remaining "safe" neighborhoods fall, too.

I suppose things could turn around if residents would fire Barrett and elect a strong leader, and if the city's Leftist mouthpieces in the media would stop their crusade against Sheriff David Clarke.

I don't see that happening. The Leftists are in charge and doing nothing to stop the decay. The city can't be saved if residents fail to do what's necessary to save it.

Let's face it: It's over.

It's hopeless.

Things aren't going to get better in Milwaukee.

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