Wednesday, July 16, 2014

West Bend 9-Year-Old Boy Driving AGAIN

The family of a 9-year-old West Bend boy is "concerned" about possible charges they may face because for the second time in a month the child was driving with a 4-year-old passenger.

The kid was going eastbound in a westbound lane!

He poses a serious threat to the safety of the community.

How could this happen again?

First, there is no way a 9-year-old child of mine would have had the opportunity to take my car keys and then take the car without my knowing. Impossible.

This West Bend kid obviously isn't receiving proper supervision.

Second, after the first incident, how could the parent/parents/caregiver allow another instance of this terribly dangerous behavior?

It is inconceivable.

From FOX6 News:

FOX6 News has learned child neglect charges have been referred to the District Attorney’s Office for three adults after a nine-year-old and four-year-old were caught in a car, alone for the second time this summer. The latest incident happened this weekend. Washington County Sheriff’s officials say the nine-year-old boy was driving, with the four-year-old as his passenger, in the Town of Farmington.

This weekend’s incident comes after an incident on June 14th — when Good Samaritans helped to stop a vehicle being driven by the nine-year-old boy — with his four-year-old passenger. The kids told police they were headed to “grandma’s house.”

Now, FOX6 News is learning child neglect charges have been referred to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office against three adults.

The adults for which charges have been referred are two adult women and an adult man.

In the latest incident, occurring on Sunday, July 13th, Washington County Sheriff’s officials took a 911 call regarding a car traveling eastbound in the wrong lane of traffic on Neward drive — near Indian Lore Road in the Town of Farmington. The caller reported the vehicle appeared to be operated by two young children — and that the child driving the vehicle was not able to keep the vehicle in the correct lane of traffic — as the caller continued to follow.

At the same time, we’re told the children’s family members called West Bend police to report the vehicle and the children missing.

A Washington County Sheriff’s deputy was able to intercept the vehicle approximately three miles from the initial 911 call location. Sheriff’s officials say before the deputy was able to stop the vehicle — it was driven into the ditch in the area of County Trunk A and Trading Post Trail in the Town of Farmington.

No one was injured — and the vehicle was not damaged when it went off the road.

Deputies on scene were able to identify the vehicle’s driver as the nine-year-old West Bend boy, and the passenger the four-year-old West Bend boy. Deputies determined these are the same two children that were involved in the similar incident on June 14th in the Town of Barton — according to Sheriff’s officials.

Sheriff’s officials say it was determined the vehicle belonged to the nine-year-old child’s step-father.

West Bend police tell FOX6 News the children told them they were headed for the park.
Here's video:

Apparently, the family of the children didn't take the first driving incident seriously.

It appears Washington County officials were too lenient as well.

How could the adults in the home make it possible for the kid to have access to the keys to the car?

Didn't the incident scare the parents enough to at least keep the keys away from the kid?

It was lucky those boys ended up in a ditch rather than hitting someone head-on. That easily could have happened.

They could have been killed or injured. They could have killed or injured others.

I don't get why authorities didn't discover the children were not being supervised properly after the trip to "Grandma's" back in June and take some appropriate action.

A 9-year-old on the road requires more than a slap on the wrist for the child and the parents.

Thank God the trip to the "park" didn't end in death.

Washington County officials are getting another chance to get it right.

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