Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fallon: Rick Perry Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: Here's what everyone's talking about-- big trouble for Texax Gov. Rick Perry. He's been indicted on two felony charges after he threatened to veto funding for a district attorney's office unless she stepped down. He's now the most controversial governor in the country, which is why today he got a gift basket from Chris Christie. All the food was missing, but still it's the thought that counts.

That's right, Rick Perry was indicted for coercion and official oppression by a public servant, but those aren't the only charges he's facing. He's still fighting the charge of excessive 'corndoggery.'

You don't want to go to prison with a photo like that floating around.

Actually, because of the scandal, it looks like his chances in 2016 might be in trouble, or as Hillary put it, 'One down, four more to go.'
So Fallon began his monologue highlighting the indictment Rick Perry, as if that's the big story of the day. Of course, Fallon provides no details about the political nature of the indictment. He even managed to get in a shot at Chris Christie.

How many people in Fallon's have a clue that DEMOCRATS are questioning the authenticity of the indictment?

Rachel Maddow must be feeding Fallon's writers their material.

And, of course, Fallon did his nightly Rob Ford jokes.

It never fails.

But buried toward the end of his monologue was one measly Obama joke.

JIMMY FALLON: A survey just came out that found 75 percent of Americans don't use up all their vacation days, while the rest apparently loan them to President Obama.
That's it.

That was the only mention of Obama.

Fallon's focus is on Republicans and Rob Ford.

I really miss Jay Leno and his monologues.

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