Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mary Burke Cheddarbomb

Democrat Tom Barrett, three-peat Wisconsin gubernatorial loser, is trying to rally the troops for fellow Democrat Mary Burke.

Dear Friend,

Mary Burke can win.

Mary has closed the gap and now leads Walker in the latest Marquette Poll among likely voters, 47/46. And with just ten weeks left until the general election, her path to victory is clearer than ever.

Progressive Wisconsinites are already hard at work across the state helping her. Stand with us and support Mary in a proud Wisconsin tradition – the Cheddarbomb.

Will you stand with me and support Mary Burke by contributing $5 today?

Mary has a proven track record of creating jobs, prioritizing education, and working for Wisconsin families. She’s ready to put her experience into action for our state, but she needs your help to make sure she has the resources to win.

Click here to boost the Burke Cheddarbomb and contribute $5 to Mary's campaign today!

We can't do ths without you.


In this photo, Mary Burke has the expression of someone after consuming too much cheddar.

That Marquette Poll, from July, does make me a little nervous.

The Scott Walker supporters can't get complacent.

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