Thursday, September 4, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Where Does the Money Go?

Is the money from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge actually going to be used to cure ALS?

Not most of it - 28 percent goes to research.

The ALS Association responded on its website this weekend to an article criticizing how it spends money and what will happen with funds raised from the ice bucket challenge.

...The article that sparked the response from the association is called “Ice Bucket Fraud” and can be viewed here. It says about the association’s spending, “Less than 27% is actually used for the purpose we donated for” and said the majority of money goes to fund raising, overhead, salaries and external donations.

In a Q&A posted Saturday, the ALS association said the article is filled with “half-truths and misinformation.”

Last year, revenues for the association were about $29 million, according to documents filed with the IRS. Spending broke down as follows: 28 percent on research, 32 percent on professional and public education, 19 percent on patient and community services, 14 percent on fund raising and 7 percent on administration.
I think it's very simple

The onus is on the donor.

If you don't like the way an organization allocates funds, then don't donate.

There are charities I no longer support after I discovered how the money I gave was being used. That was my responsibility.

When someone asks for a contribution, you're responsible for making an informed decision.

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