Monday, September 15, 2014

Packers Defeat Jets

Controversy ON THE FIELD!


I'm sure Jets fans aren't happy, but I am.

From Vic Ketchman,

Capping a week that saw the NFL launch an investigation that is threatening the sovereignty of its commissioner, the Packers launched their 2014 home season with a memorable rally in a game Jets fans will no doubt claim should’ve gone into overtime. The Packers won in regulation, 31-24.

...On fourth-and-4 from the Packers 36 with 5:06 to play, Geno Smith launched – there’s that word again – an apparent touchdown pass to Jeremy Kerley. One problem: Jets Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg called time out just before the ball was snapped. No touchdown!

Here’s another problem: TV quickly revealed – it was either the eminent Mike Pereira or the newbie Mike Carey that spoke from the heavens; I forget – that only a head coach can call a time out from the sideline. In other words, Mornhinweg’s attempt to call a timeout should’ve been ignored by Referee Walt Anderson’s crew because Mornhinweg isn’t Rex Ryan. They don’t look a lot alike.

“It’s football. That stuff happens all the time,” Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said.
McCarthy is right. Deal with it.

Whatever, it's good to talk about a controversy that doesn't involve a tape of an attack in an elevator. I am so sick of the Ray Rice/Roger Goodell saga. Blah, blah, blah.

I watch the NFL and follow the Packers for fun and entertainment. It's an escape. Very simple. End of story.

I don't want to be subjected to lectures about bigger issues. And I don't want to deal with a month of "raising awareness." I hate that crap.

Let's just enjoy the games, OK?

When players or coaches or other NFL staff commit crimes, I expect law enforcement to handle it. When league rules are broken, I expect appropriate action to be taken by the league. I expect accountability.

I don't want endless analysis of off the field issues to crowd out the purpose of the NFL - ENTERTAINMENT.

Too bad the Bears managed to win. Other than that, it was a good Sunday.

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