Friday, October 31, 2014

AP Scott Bauer: Media Didn't Vet Mary Burke

Tom Blumer, NewsBusters, points out that AP's Scott Bauer admits the mainstream media failed to vet Mary Burke.

Blumer writes:

M.D. Kittle at's Wisconsin Reporter scooped everyone covering the Badger State Governor's race on Tuesday when he reported that Democratic candidate Mary Burke's resumé is not what her campaign's web site says it is.

...The real question to me is why it took until a week before Election Day to learn this.

The answer appears to be that the establishment press in Wisconsin, whose counterparts in Washington found Mitt Romney's alleged high school hijinks deserving of 5,400 words, made no meaningful attempt to vet or investigate Burke.

...Wisconsin's establishment press has spent the better part of the past four years "exposing" all kinds of things about Scott Walker which have collectively amounted to almost nothing except a stack of unfounded smears — but they never bothered to check Mary Burke's core claim of private-sector competence.
Why didn't Albers provide this revelation about Burke sooner?


This is precisely why I don't watch local television news anymore, not even the weather.  It's why I don't even bother to hit the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website for my free monthly allotment of articles.

The Wisconsin mainstream media have spent this gubernatorial campaign cheerleading for Burke, giving her a complete pass, while they count every hair on Scott Walker's head, defining everything as controversial or scandalous.

What's sick is that the media really didn't drop the ball when they failed to vet Mary Burke.

It was a totally intentional, albeit disgraceful, move by the media.

That must be the case. The only other possible explanation would be that they are completely incompetent journalists, totally unqualified.

No, I think the failure to vet Burke was by design.

So unprofessional.

No sense of decency.

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