Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jeremy Ryan: Felony Charge, Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Disorderly Conduct

Jeremy Ryan, aka Segway Boy, is a Leftist known for his extremism as a career protester in Wisconsin. He champions Democrat causes in a very ugly way.

For example: Jeremy Ryan 'Segway Boy' and Gwyn Guenther

In addition to being a high profile Democrat activist, Ryan was a recent U.S. congressional candidate, running against Paul Ryan in the Republican primary last August.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Ryan faces Jeremy Ryan, a liberal activist from Madison. The state Republican Party had filed a complaint with the state Government Accountability Board alleging that Jeremy Ryan lacked the required number of signatures to get on the ballot as a Republican.

The complaint said Jeremy Ryan misled people who signed on his behalf by saying they were signing a petition to legalize marijuana. The GAB found that the party had not proved its claim.

In an email statement, Jeremy Ryan said he was running against "Paul Ryan in the primary to try and spark discussion within the party about moving toward a progressive agenda that both parties have shown to support in polls. I believe that we need to start focusing on similarities that we can all agree will move us forward, such as getting money out of politics and a livable minimum wage."
Of course, Jeremy Ryan's stunt, running as a Republican, was utterly fruitless; but he got noticed.

Wouldn't you think that a recent congressional candidate being charged with a felony would get noticed and be reported by any reputable news outlet?


I suppose that would explain why the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is ignoring the charges against Ryan - domestic abuse.

Ryan's girlfriend, Loni M. Warrner, called 911 for assistance during a domestic abuse incident on September 26, 2014.

Read the criminal complaint.

Officer Baumgart reports upon arrival, he made initial contact with the female caller who identified herself verbally as Loni W Warrner. Warrner stated that she and Jeremy Ryan, the defendant herein, are boyfriend and girlfriend. Warrner stated the couple signed a lease together at 8 Westover Ct approximately two to three weeks ago.

Warrner stated that the defendant is extremely protective of her. Warrner stated the defendant calls her and texts her repeatedly during the day while she is at work.Warrner stated that she is a roofer and typically works between eight to twelve hours a day. Warrner stated that the defendant has recently been textingWarrner’s boss.Warrner’s boss informed Warrner earlier in the day that the defendant had sent him approximately 25 text messages. Warrner stated the defendant was under the assumption that Warrner was cheating on him and was checking up to see if she was at work. This included contacting her supervisor to verify she was at work. Warrner stated the defendant also inquired as to when her shift would be done for the day.Warrner stated that the defendant was only trying to gain further information as to whether she was cheating on him. Warrner described this behavior as “concerning.” Warrner also stated that her boss pleaded with her to not go back to the residence on the night of September 26, 2014. Warrner stated that her boss also felt that there would be problems if she returned home.
Warrner did encounter "problems" when she returned home.
Warrner stated that during the incident, she was extremely fearful for her safety. She was disturbed by the defendant’s behavior and did not consent to it. She stated that she was “scared and fearful” that the defendant would physically harm her. Warrner stated, “I’ve never seen him that angry before.” When Warrner was describing this scene to Officer Baumgart, she broke down crying several times.

Officer Baumgart reports that Warrner stated the defendant is a daily user of marijuana and most likely sold marijuana too. Warrner stated, “why else would he have all that cash?” Warrner stated that the defendant does not work and collects social security. Warrner stated that the defendant is a “pothead who sits and smokes weed and plays video games all day.” Warrner stated she had not witnessed any drug transactions but said the defendant is always in possession of large amounts of US Currency, has several cell phones and several BB guns.

Officer Baumgart reports he explained to the defendant he was going to be placed under arrest, and the defendant pleaded with Officer Baumgart to be allowed to retrieve some cash from his bedroom so he could post bail. Officer Baumgart reports that Officer Palmer took the defendant to his bedroom to retrieve the cash. Officer Baumgart reports the defendant walked down the stairs carrying a safe. Warrner stated, “that’s where he keeps his weed.” Officer Baumgart reports he asked the defendant to open the safe so he could see what was inside. Officer Baumgart reports he observed a large amount of US currency inside. The defendant estimated that there was $1,000 inside this safe. Officer Baumgart reports he estimated that there was most likely between $2,000 and $3,000 in US currency inside the safe. Officer Baumgart reports he could also smell the distinct odor of unburnt marijuana coming from the safe itself.
This stuff should be reported by the local media.

That's not happening.

Domestic abuse charges against the primary challenger of Paul Ryan are worth noting.

Why aren't news outlets reporting on the charges?

Furthermore, why aren't Wisconsin Democrats speaking out against Jeremy Ryan's personal War on Women?


Bruce said...

Hi Mary,

As a conservative who lives in the Madison area, I have followed Ryan's delusion and anti-social behavior for years. I am absolutely shocked by the way the Legacy Media has chosen to suppress this story. I suspect it's at least partially out of respect to Ismael Ozanne's office, whose repeated mollycoddling of Ryan has served to empower him with a certain sense of invincibility. Jeremy Ryan is listed in 48 online court filings in Dane County, dating back to 2000. 35 of them are for misdemeanor, criminal, or municipal citations. Many of these charges were related to the anti-Walker protests, and many of them were dismissed by Ozanne's office because, quite frankly, they consider Ryan a folk hero. He is nothing of the sort. This man is a blight on the taxpayers. Every hour that a cop or ADA has spent babysitting this twit is an hour they haven't been taking another criminal off the street.

A while back, Jeremy solicited (read: begged, mooched) for funding at an online donation site, claiming he was dying, and had days or weeks to live. Surprise, surprise, he was miraculously cured. Halleluiah. The funding site was closed, the money his gullible followers had thrown haphazardly in Ryan's direction never refunded. Complaints were made to both the Madison police department as well as the Dane County DA's office. No charges were ever filed.

Jeremy has stolen in similar fashion from landlords, girlfriends, roommates, banks, acceptance corporations, and utility companies. Somehow, he always lands on his feet (or at least, back on that Segway, which was a gift from someone who felt sorry for his "disabilities.")

Ryan is an absentee father who owes so much in unpaid child support that when DCFS caught up with him at his (brief) stint in commercial cell phone sales for Target earlier this year, the amount of pay Jeremy had left after the DCFS garnishment was so troubling to him that he decided to simply quit the job.

He has made himself the focus of attention with his narcissistic machinations and lunatic behavior. The reason the Legacy Media has repeatedly refused to report on his dark side is because they made him the face of the anti-Walker protests, and it hurts them now to be confronted by the reality of the person they created.

That, and the fact that this story was broken on conservative talk radio. And, as we all know, as far as the Legacy Media is concerned, if it happens on conservative talk radio, it's almost as though it never happened.

Mary said...

Thanks so much, Bruce. I appreciate that you took the time to share this information about Ryan here.

The public deserves to have access to the truth about this guy. But clearly, the truth is being suppressed.

Legacy Media reporters in southeastern Wisconsin are not fulfilling their roles as advocates for the public in terms of offering the truth in a responsible manner. They're propagandists.

It's inadequate to say the failure by the Milwaukee media to cover the Jeremy Ryan story, and so many others, is unacceptable. It is flat-out irresponsible. It's outrageous. I can't begin to describe my frustration with the Milwaukee media. I'm so sick of the slanted coverage, or non-coverage as the case may be.

Michael said...

Are you still working on a post that highlights the charges against Bill Kramer, REPUBLICAN assembly leader, in as much detail as you gave in this entry? The only time you even mentioned it was in a post defending Ron Johnson. Segway boy is clearly a fringe wacko who gets off on attention, while Kramer's stature within Wisconsin politics is greater by many orders of magnitude. I really don't understand how you can claim to be outraged by the lack of coverage about Ryan's charges when you gloss over a prominent Republican's sex assault case. You should practice what you preach before throwing stones at others. Do you really believe that a professional protester/attention seeker's arrest on domestic violence charges is objectively newsworthy? Claiming that it would be reported if he was a Republican is not an answer. I'm honestly curious if you think that an unbiased news agency should report on this, when there are so many other important stories out there.

Ryan is not representative of all Democrats, as much as you would like him to be. Just because he may be facebook friends with some Dems doesn't mean that they endorse him or his behavior in any way. We are good, hardworking people, just like yourself. The political climate in this state would be a lot less toxic if only people could realize that, instead of trying to demonize the other side while simultaneously glossing over scandals that occur on their side of the aisle.

Mary said...

The media in southeastern Wisconsin covered the Bill Kramer story extensively.

They have been totally silent on the truth about U.S. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE Jeremy Ryan.

Their Leftist bias is inexcusable, unprofessional, and unethical.

Perhaps the political climate in the state would be less toxic if the press behaved as purveyors of the truth rather than crusaders for the Leftists.