Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jimmy Fallon: Obama Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: A new survey found that more than half of Americans see President Obama's time in office as a failure; while the rest said, 'You saw him in his office? When? When was that?'

He was in his office yesterday. In fact, President Obama met with the temporary Secret Service director in the Oval Office to talk about all the recent White House security breaches. Of course, first they had to address the elephant in the room - not metaphorically, there was an actual elephant, wandered into the White House. The security is just awful.

I guess it's all getting to him now, because during a fundraiser yesterday, President Obama said he understands feeling like, quote, 'The world is spinning so fast, and nobody is able to control it.'

Then scientists said, 'Well, that's probably because the world is spinning fast and you can't control it.' It's just a fact.

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