Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reasons To Vote For Democrats

Mark Levin explains:

Levin noted that incumbent Democrats who are now pretending they don’t support Obama have supported his policies – ObamaCare, amnesty, and massive deficit spending.

“And all this is coming home now, and it is a disaster. The country’s going to hell under this president, under the Democrat Party, everybody knows it,” he said.

Levin also cautioned that the Democrats running aren’t moderates – they’re radicals who want massive centralized government and do not believe in the working man.

“Do you want chaos on the border? Do you want immigration amnesty? Do you want massive debt? Do you want more distribution of wealth? Do you want more nationalization of health care? Destruction of jobs? Outsourcing of jobs? If you like it, then vote for your Democrat.”
It really is that simple.

The country is going in the wrong direction.

But, if you like the disaster, if you're happy with the country going to hell, vote DEMOCRAT.

In my opinion, sitting out this election if you aren't happy with what Democrat "leadership" has achieved is the most selfish, irresponsible thing you can do.

If you're a conservative and you choose to stay home, you are voting DEMOCRAT. You are voting for chaos on the border, immigration amnesty, massive debt, destruction of jobs, more government-run health care, and higher taxes.

All those things are made possible by voting DEMOCRAT or not voting at all.

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