Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The Packers really needed to beat the Vikings on Sunday.

We did!

I wouldn't say we crushed them, but we defeated them.

("We," like I was part of it. Well, emotionally, I was invested.)

Anyway, family members noticed the post-game Grape Crush that Aaron was chugging.

Was that a sort of subtle message?

Others noticed as well.

Apparently, Aaron just likes grape soda. It's his post-game thing.

I find "Grape Crush-gate" pretty funny.

Not that Aaron was guzzling a Grape Crush after defeating the "Purple People Eaters."

(I always thought that was a stupid name.)

It's funny the way sports fans get so weird about stuff.

I laugh at the way male friends and family members analyze and gossip about these goofy, little things.

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