Saturday, November 8, 2014

Seth MacFarlane: 'Luck Be a Lady' Milwaukee (Video)

Thursday, I saw this short clip on TMZ.

I wasn't really paying attention, but I thought I heard that Seth MacFarlane was singing at a bar in Milwaukee.

Of course, I thought I didn't catch that correctly. Turns out, it was Milwaukee.

From TMZ:

Seth got on the mic at Lucille's in Milwaukee last Saturday night and belted out a few Sinatra songs, including "Luck Be a Lady." The "Family Guy" creator forgot a few lyrics, but made up for it with a few expletive-laced improvs.

We're told Seth hung out with a group of friends for 7 hours ... and dropped about $1K on food and drink.
On TMZ, the discussion focused on the lyrics of "Luck Be a Lady," specifically the "blow on some other guy's dice" line.

There was debate as to what that meant. Typical TMZ discussion.

MacFarlane does love to sing. Holding the drink, he looked like he was channeling Sinatra.

Here's the full video, from Matt Mueller,

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