Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Today is Festivus.

From Festivus - The website for the rest of us:

According to the "Seinfeld Orthodoxy," Festivus is December 23. However, in the real world, many people celebrate it at other times of year, some throwing Festivus parties for friends and others they choose to be with in early December before they have to go home and be with the people they don't want to be with, namely their families. There are prominent Festivi all times of year. But if one adheres to the word of the character Frank Costanza, Festivus is the 23rd.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Festivus celebration without a magnificent Festivus pole.

Gov. Jim Doyle (left) poses with his Festivus pole.

Check out this site.

More Festivus pole photos

Look at the joy on the former Gov. Jim Doyle's face as he stands beside this majestic Festivus pole when he resided in the Governor's mansion. Priceless.

The Festivus
Airing of Grievances will probably be a passionate exercise for Doyle and his fellow Leftists this year. They are perpetually aggrieved.
Like everything else Festivus, the AOG has evolved some wild variations, but the core of it remains lashing into others and the world about how they have been disappointments. This usually brings participants into a circle of sorts in which each takes turns excoriating friends, enemies, relatives, acquaintances and strangers. When all who care to have taken a turn griping, there is no required hugging or making up.

Here's the OFFICIAL FORM for Airing of Grievances.

Send one to a Leftist.

Personally, I don't like Festivus. It's too negative and whiny.

One of my grievances would be that Festivus includes the Airing of Grievances.

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