Monday, December 15, 2014

Packers - Bills: Painful Loss

It was tough to watch.

From Mike Spofford,

The frustration was evident during locker room interviews on Sunday. The Packers knew they shouldn’t have lost this game.

The mistakes by the Packers piled up quarter after quarter, and the result was a 21-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium that ended Green Bay’s five-game winning streak.

“Just missed opportunities,” wide receiver Jordy Nelson said. “We had all sorts of chances and just didn’t make them, for whatever reason. Obviously my drop could have won the game for us. Have to make those no matter how easy or hard they are.”

The drop Nelson referred to wasn’t the Packers’ only one of the game but it certainly was the most significant. Backed up to their own 2-yard line late in the third quarter, the Packers faced second-and-4 from the 6 when Nelson got behind the Buffalo defense.

...The blown play, which came with the Packers trailing 16-10, was emblematic of the mistake-filled day on offense and special teams.

Uncharacteristic and untimely holding penalties caused the offense to sputter, and Rodgers was not in sync with his receivers on several back-shoulder sideline throws.
Now, homefield advantage for the Packers is unlikely.
The Green Bay Packers probably won't win homefield advantage in the NFC after losing to the Buffalo Bills Sunday.

The only way they can win the No. 1 seed is if they win their final two games and Seattle (10-4) beats Arizona (11-3) in Week 16 and then loses at home to the St. Louis Rams.

...[I]f the Packers win their final two games they are guaranteed at least the No. 2 seed. If both Arizona and Seattle finish 12-4, one would have to be a wild card, so it's impossible for both to finish ahead of the Packers.

Even if Philadelphia or Dallas finishes with the same record, the Packers win a tiebreaker with the Eagles based on head-to-head competition and a tiebreaker with the Cowboys based on a better conference record (9-3 vs. 8-4). So, if they win out, they at least get the No. 2 seed.
It's not the end of the world, though some are reacting like it is.

Is it time to relax?


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